Wild Colorado Elopement on the Summer Solstice



Close up of groom holding bride's wedding dress up to show her brown boots.

Snow in June

Farrah & John had planned a summer Colorado elopement in the beautiful remote country of Routt National Forest. But nature had other plans. On the morning of their wedding, they awoke in their A-frame cabin to see their breath as cold clouds in the air. When they looked outside their window, they discovered that 6-inches of snow had descended overnight. We were on our way out the door to meet them when Farrah texted me a photo of the scene. The green landscape, aspen trees, and wildflowers had disappeared. Snow! In June!

“I only have my Birkenstocks,” Farrah texted me. They hadn’t packed for a snowy elopement. So Mike and I packed extra socks, boots, and coats for Farrah and John. On our drive into the mountains, the clouds grew thicker and the temperature dropped. At first, winter’s reappearance disappointed me but Farrah and John’s positive attitude quickly reassured me. Their willingness to accept with grace what nature had given them on their wedding day is a sweet, humbling reminder of what’s important.

The Ceremony

When we arrived at the cabin nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, the snow fell in huge, clustered flakes like cotton. A fire roared strongly in the woodstove. John lounged on the cabin’s bunk bed and nursed a Coors Light while Farrah got ready in the loft. She pulled on a pair of my wool socks and my Blundstone boots and layered my long brown coat over her wedding dress. They had their first look on a footbridge over a babbling creek. Then they walked hand-in-hand to their ceremony spot, to the wooden arch John had built himself.  Farrah and John read their vows to each other among the snow-coated sage. The ink of their handwritten words bled through the pages of their vow books. Now it’s the most special memento when the universe blessed their Colorado elopement with a blanket of white.

You’re going to want to make sure you scroll to the end to see the Mama and baby moose who visited us!

Green trees and sagebrush landscape covered in snow.

Black and white image of a young man lying shirtless on a bed.

Close up of a young man holding a Coors Light can

Bride looking out the window of a loft in an A-frame cabin

Groom in a suit, holding an umbrella, on a snowy footbridge waiting to see his bride

Bride walking on a snowy path to her First Look

Young couple embracing during their First Look

Bride and groom stand on the porch of an A-frame cabin before their elopement ceremony

Bride and groom walking hand in hand toward their ceremony arch in a snowy Colorado landscape


Black and white image of groom laughing as he wipes snow from his bride's face.

Groom opens ring box during a Colorado elopement ceremony

Bride putting a wedding band on her groom's finger while it's snowing.

Couple's first kiss during their Colorado elopement

Newlyweds touch foreheads in front of their wooden ceremony arch during their Colorado elopement.

Couple looking through their vow book.


Couple kissing in front of an A-frame cabin

Young couple touching foreheads in a snowy landscape

Newlyweds embracing on a snowy footbridge.

Black and white image of Young couple embracing in a snowy landscape.

Young couple embracing in a snowy landscape.

Polaroid snapshots sitting on a windowsill.

Couple kissing on the stairs of an A-frame cabin in Ward, Colorado

Mother and baby moose in snowy landscape

Dress: BHLDN

Bride’s Shoes: Blundstone’s

Bride’s Coat: Free People

Florals: Trader Joe’s

  1. What a precious little A frame house. I love how intimate these images feel. You captured them so beautifully! And I love your tones!!

    • Mandi Goyn says:

      Thank you so much. The A-frame was the sweetest element and we really leaned on it in this weather!

  2. Kestrel Bailey says:

    Whoa. I ADORE these. The snow added such a beautiful element to an already spectacular day. Way to jump in there and make it work BEAUTIFULLY!

  3. Beth Swan says:

    Colorado is a dreamland and these photos are perfection.

    While the whole set is gorgeous, I really love the lifestyle portraits in the cabin. It reminds me of camping growing up and how much fun it was.

  4. Sara says:

    this is an absolute dream! from theA frame cabin to thes now Im so in love with this whole shoot. Beautiful Job.

  5. Abbi Hearne says:

    Woah I love this so much! The snow is super cool, you did an amazing job capturing their day!

  6. Elise says:

    That A frame is so cute! And thank goodness you were able to bring some extra clothes. It’s still so crazy to think it snowed on the summer solstice! You still captured their day beautifully.

  7. Aimee Flynn says:

    Oh man, this images are so soft and pretty. I love the romantic, intimate vibes. And good for them for being positive about the snow!

    • Mandi Goyn says:

      Their good nature about the whole situation really made the day so amazing. We were able to laugh about it instead of being disappointed. 🙂

  8. Snowy elopements are always so romantic. I love the vibe of the getting ready shots.

  9. Shea McGrath says:

    This looks like a fairytale!! I love all of the snow. You did a wonderful job capturing them!

  10. Summer Solstice…and snowing! Yep! Love love every moments captured!

  11. Victoria says:

    I am beyond obsessed! That location is so quaint and adorable. I also am so stoked that they had such a beautiful attitude about it. The shots turned out perfect!

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