Emotional Rocky Mountain Elopement at an Alpine Lake



Camera and headlamp batteries were charged, my layers were packed and you bet I had stuffed plenty of trail snacks into my pockets, but nothing could’ve prepared me for this emotional Rocky Mountain elopement.

The Couple

Audrey & Colton’s love is an unassuming kind, yet so assured. They wanted a ceremony that reflected that and their spirited souls.

Our plan was to hike about 3 miles from the trailhead to the ceremony spot, a lake in the alpine environment of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. For most of the hike, Audrey insisted on carrying the heaviest items, her wedding dress and her fiance’s suit. They were giddy excited because they were so ready to get married.

The Perfect Spot

About halfway to their Rocky Mountain elopement, we stopped at a small waterfall, set against the backdrop of peaks for their First Look. Audrey whipped out her small makeup case and applied some mascara. The she pulled on her wedding dress and hiking boots among the blue spruce pine trees. Colton waited at the waterfall to see his bride for the first time. They laughed nervously, embraced and said, “Let’s do this!” When their ceremony location at last came into view, a breathtaking alpine sunset awaited them over the lake.

The Ceremony

They rock-paper-scissors for who would “go first.” Then they exchanged emotional vows with the sunset and the mountains as their witnesses. Audrey cried tears of joy as she listened to Colton express his love and commitment. I definitely cried too!

When the deal was sealed with a kiss, Audrey & Colton unpacked macaroons frosted with their nicknames and wedding date. They popped champagne, snuggled and watched the sun go down in a beautiful alpine glow. This hiking Rock Mountain elopement couldn’t have been more magical. Just a week later, Mike and I were on a plane, headed to Iceland for their adventure honeymoon session, so stoked to capture their first travel adventure as Mr. and Mrs.

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