Laidback Couples Film Session at Denver Skatepark



“We’re total weirdos together and hate doing anything conventional,” said Samantha, a photographer, of her relationship with Bryce, a graphic designer. I really wanted to capture their unique love and step out of the conventional box. So I suggested a couples session photographed on 35mm film. Why? Because unlike digital photography, which is fast and automated, film imagery is slow and imperfect. Film photography allows you to focus more on the moment and less on the “perfect shot.” I love how film images capture the wildness of real life.

Why a couples film session captures real moments

When we arrived at the Denver Skatepark, we were surprised to find it covered in snow. But this unexpected element challenged us to find ways to use the space more creatively. In addition, I posed Samantha and Bryce as little as possible. Every couple’s love language is different. For example, not every couple holds hands when they walk. Maybe you put your arms around each other’s waists, or maybe it’s enough for you just to be near one another. My goal as your photographer to encourage you to show off your real love, however that looks! Ultimately, the images you’ll love forever are the ones in which you recognize yourself the most. The snowy skatepark and Samantha and Bryce’s unique love language created a beautifully unconventional couples session on film.

The difference between film and digital photography

I don’t believe one medium is better than the other. However, film imagery possesses an aesthetic that is very different from digital. While the aesthetic depends on the type of film, the images often have deeper colors, creamier tones, and diffused light. For this blog post, I’ve included both of this session’s digital and film images. That way, you can see the difference! Both digital and film photography offer wonderful benefits. But capturing moments on film is a lot like creating memories. Beautiful, blurry, colorful memories. Can you tell which images from this film couples session are digital photos and which are film photos? Which images do you like more?

How to add film photography to your couples session or wedding package

Film imagery is an imperfect medium that better tells the story of imperfect, real moments. If you value the messy, candid, unposed moments in life, add film photography to your next couples’ or family session, or wedding package. Get in touch with us to learn more!

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