Your wedding and elopement photography experience

should be true to you. We won't ask you to toss your dress into the wind or to have a tickle fight. We care less about getting "the shot" and more about capturing real moments. We aim to make every experience natural, candid, & relaxed—free from the pressure to perform. When you're comfortable and you trust us, you'll feel safe to express your true selves.

Our goal:

you see you in your photos.

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Would you like to get to know us? Ask us some questions? Book us ASAP? YAY! The first step is to head over to the Contact Us page and submit our contact form. We know these are annoying but we promise it's the last impersonal thing we will ask you to do. Start by telling us a little bit about how you and your partner met, what you love about doing life together, and the details of your wedding day. Then click "Submit" and we'll be in touch. 

Our couples are never just clients, they're people. And as artists entrusted to capture your life, it's important that we get to know
who you are and how you love. After you inquire, we'll set up a meeting, in-person or by video chat, so we can chat about details and answer your questions. If there's a spark and you feel it too, you'll receive our Wedding Guide. In it, will be detailed information about pricing and services. These are always customized to you so you aren't overwhelmed with more information than you need. 

This is the final step and it's so exciting! When you're ready to book us as your wedding photographers, you'll receive a contract and payment plan through your personal client portal. Sign the agreement, submit your 25% retainer and BOOM—you're officially booked! That means we are all yours. Your wedding date isn't secure on our calendars until this step is complete, so if you're hoping to book us, don't wait! Get started now.

If we can help you simplify your planning in one way, let it be this - HIRE Mike & Mandi. They photographed our engagement photos and our wedding, and we cannot imagine our big day without them. 

They took time to meet with us and get to know us, they made us feel at ease with them from the beginning, they gave us advice as we needed it and told us what worked (or not) for others. They were a calming force to all of the emotions leading up to, and on, our big day. It was important to us that our wedding photos were a real representation of the day, and not just posed  shots.

Our photos capture our love, our family and friends (roasting us in speeches AND busting a move on the dance floor), and the day in an authentic-to-us and beautiful way.  We opted to do film in addition to digital images. The film images are beautiful, and we highly recommend going this route. 

—Matt & Alex

colorado wedding

love note

our work is inspired
by 35mm film



Mandi shoots both digital and analog film photography. So the art of film photography is very much a part of our aesthetic. It's an imperfect medium—slow and intentional, nostalgic and meaningful. While we shoot digital at all weddings and elopements, if the art of film imagery is important to you too, you can add 35mm film photography to your wedding day package, engagement session, or adventure session.

see our work.

Frequently Asked Questions


We're not local to Colorado, and our wedding won't be either. Can we still book you?

Heck yes, you can! Mike and I have traveled all over the U.S. to capture love. We love traveling, scouting the perfect photo locations, and being the people who can be there for you, anywhere, to tell your story. Send us a message and let us know your dream destination, in the U.S. or worldwide, and you can count on us to be there. 


Do you offer prints & albums?

Of course! There's nothing more beautiful than the tangible. All wedding photography includes print rights. You're welcome to use our vendor for albums and other print products, but you're not required to.


How far in advance should we book you?

Elopements and intimate weddings are non-traditional. Couples often choose an elopement or an intimate wedding when they want to a lot of flexibility in their wedding day. But the simple difference is in the number of guests in attendance. A traditional elopement can be just you and your partner, but can also include up to 10 guests e.g. your parents, your best friend officiating, your dog and you two. An intimate wedding typically has 20-50 guests and usually don't take place at an established wedding venue. Instead, for example, many of our couples have chosen to hold their wedding in a national park and host their close family and friends at an Air BnB nearby for an intimate reception or weekend celebration.


What if we know we want to elope in Colorado but we're not sure where? Can you help us plan?

Short answer: Absolutely! We're experts of Colorado's landscape having spent ten years exploring its natural beauty. Planning is included in elopement photography packages, and includes location guidance, permit acquisition for public land use, and timeline creation that prioritizes the wedding day you imagine: relaxed, adventurous, fun! Many of our elopement couples opt for an elopement for its simplicity but that doesn't mean you have to forgo a bouquet or hair and makeup or even a ceremony arch if it's something you want! We'll help connect you with all the right people so you can have it all. 

If your wedding date is a Saturday or Sunday between the months of June and September, we suggest you book 9-12 months in advance because these are peak wedding dates and often are the first to be booked. September especially is the most popular month for weddings of the year and we are often completely booked for September dates at least a year in advance. That doesn't mean you shouldn't get in touch! Check out our Contact Us page for updates on our availability. We always want to hear from you! 


What's the difference between an elopement and an intimate wedding?


Do you offer weekend coverage?

YES! Mike and I chose to host our close family and friends for a wedding weekend and our photographers stayed with us to capture all the moments we spent celebrating with our loved ones. These images of us exploring Colorado together, sharing beers at a brewery and just hanging out are just as important to us as our wedding day photos. Wedding weekends are wonderful if you want to backpack to your ceremony location, camp out with family and friends or have a day-after adventure. If this is something you dream of too, we'd be so excited to capture it for you. 


How many photos do you usually deliver?

It depends! Our typical range is 600-800 for weddings and 300-500 for elopements. We aim for quality over quantity though and will deliver any and all photos that express the emotion and beauty of your day. Couples  and family session galleries often have 50+ images. If you choose 35mm film, you're limited to the number of exposures on a roll. So if you book one roll of film photography, you'll receive 30-34 images, if you book two rolls, you'll receive twice that, etc. The beauty of film is that every shot counts!