Snowy Colorado Mountain Elopement in Indian Hills



Change of Plans

Elise and Moises are strong spirited—they’re both martial artists, and even their married name, Fermin, means “strong.” We had the honor to not only photograph their mountain elopement but to help plan it as well! Colorado’s winter weather threw our original location plans out the window, but Elise and Moises were so easygoing and ready to roll with the punches (haha-haha). While Mike and I made sure they were still able to have the mountain elopement of their dreams!

The Ceremony

We secured a last minute permit for Mt. Falcon, an incredible network of mountaintop trails super close to Denver. Accessibility was important because Elise and Moises’ grandparents, little siblings, and parents were all present for their ceremony. I loved that they invited their close, immediate family. Their presence made the whole event so beautiful, intimate and special. The photos of their family’s joy are our favorites!

Getting Ready

We knew big winter storms were in the forecast for their elopement date, but we had no idea that Colorado would deliver one of the most magical, wintry landscapes we’ve ever seen. Elise got ready at her parents’ house. She opted for the sweetest First Look with her Dad, and a second First Look with Moises. We captured some family portraits in the backyard and then carpooled to Mt. Falcon!

On the Mountain

Elise and Moises said their vows in a grove of snowy fir and pine trees, surrounded by their loved ones. The snow fell softly and the wintry landscape stood as witness to their commitment. After the ceremony, we piled everyone into our car and took celebratory shots with Smirnoff nips! The shots and the car warmed up everyone’s fingers and toes before Elise and Moises signed their marriage license in the back of the Subaru—true Colorado elopement style! Audrey and Colton signed their marriage license in the back of their Subaru too—check out their elopement story!

Florals: Hazel Ave Florals

  1. Elizabeth Weitz says:

    What an incredible Colorado Mountain Elopement! That snowy forest makes this so magical! What a stunning collection of wedding images!

    • Mandi Goyn says:

      Thank you! We really thought it might blizzard hahaha so the soft snowfall was the most wonderful surprise.

  2. Bryana says:

    I love how they just embraced the snow!! LOVE the ceremony photos! Beautiful job 🙂

  3. Charli Palmer says:

    Okay this snowy mountain elopement is so dreamy! What an incredibly magical environment for these photographs. I love the way you’ve captured their smiles.

  4. Christie says:

    I have never been to colorado and now I totally want to book a trip there!! This mountain elopement is gorgeous and you captured every detail so perfectly!

  5. Afton says:

    This elopement is a true winter wonderland! Gosh the edit is so gorgeous for the snowy overcast day too. Mountain goals!

  6. Krystal says:

    I absolutely adore these snowy photos!! <3 I love a beautiful winter wedding!!! But, I think the best part is the endless smiles that the couple has!! =)

  7. Oh man I lovely snowy elopements they feel so magical and fairytale like, great captures!

  8. Everything about this day is just amazing! I just love the fact that they went with their own narrative and opted for a smaller wedding, somehow these are a lot more meaningful than epic massive ones! I wish we had the snowy colorado mountains nearby! Beautiful work.

    • Mandi Goyn says:

      Yes, exactly! There were some hang-ups but it didn’t matter because marrying each other was more important, and I loved that.

  9. Jamie says:

    I love it that they were married outdoors in the falling snow– so romantic! Gorgeous captures and sweet moments. It makes me want to escape to Colorado for a mountain elopement!

  10. Jenny says:

    The snow falling down on them is so majestic! I love how dreamy it all is! LOVE

    • Mandi Goyn says:

      We loved photographing the snow resting on everyone’s shoulders and heads—so romantic. 🙂

  11. I love this and I love how they included the closest people to them! So special!!

    • Mandi Goyn says:

      Yes! Having their family present was so special. It really broke the mold of traditional elopements and combined the best of both wedding worlds.

  12. Olivia says:

    You SLAYED this Colorado mountain elopement! So much emotion in every single image. I especially love that this couple signed their marriage license in the back of their Subaru!

  13. Stephanie says:

    The first look with her dad, her bouquet, the snow falling, and her bouquet!!! This intimate wedding makes me want to run of to Colorado right now and renew my vows!!

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